Caldenia - Kingdom of Dwarves

Caldenia, the Kingdom of Dwarves; is located on the eastern side of the world. High mountain tops and deep caverns make up a majority of the land. A very strong defensive presence are the dwarves. Some say these are the oldest cities still in use, but the way they are maintained and how they are carved into the very stone all that can date the cities are the legends.

The Capitol city of Stonehaven is found deep in the mountains, dug deep into the base of a long dead volcano. The city is ancient and all is dug and carved into the walls of the mountain.

Their current King, Belril Axeager, is an old wise dwarf that has been alive a very long time. He has 3 sons and is grooming his eldest for “The Forging”: a competition to decide the next ruler.

Deisa Strakeln, “Soul Forger” a former member of Destiny’s Edge and current High Priestess of Moradin has a temple in Stonehaven. She is a powerful cleric and will do what is required to protect her homeland and preserve her heritage.

Dwarven military groups focus on heavy armor and even heavier weapons. They act as a defensive force to preserve their lands and protect their innocent.

The people of Caldenia, would like to remain peaceful if at all possible. They are easy to get along with and have major trade routes throughout the world. Their export of dwarven ales, and large above ground horse ranges make up their economy. Dwarven Steel is a highly sought after weapon by many great warriors.


Caldenia - Kingdom of Dwarves

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