Lyonesse - Depths of the Sea

Lyonesse is an underwater Kingdom, ruled by the Sea Elves. Throughout their long and illustrious reign of the sea they have avoided many of the conflicts of their land living brethren.

The Capitol city of Dimernost, is richly decorated with the heritage of the sea. Long forgotten ships of other races now make up a majority of the ocean floor. These ships have been converted into homes, businesses, and other establishments as the years have passed. The most marvelous sight to see in the city is the Castle. An enormous residence built by their ancestors out of corals, shells and large timbers from above the ocean depths.

Their current “Elder” Richorn Silentread, has long watched for the well being of his people. Also, as his ancestors before him, he will be looking to find a suitable replacement to lead his people.

Cael Ael’nessre, “Rip Tide,” a former member of Destiny’s Edge; currently holds one of the 4 seats of the Elder Guard. He is an elite assassin, and protects the Elder with his skill and would gladly give his life to protect his people. Rip Tide is well known amongst his people and is favored by them to be the next Elder.

The Sea Elf military is no small force. They domesticate sea creatures to use as mounts and make able bodied fighters on land as well.

Small tribes of Sea Elves that live outside of the Elder’s influence routinely raid trade vessels traveling from nation to nation. This has cause tension with the surface world, however the peaceful people of the main cities will gladly repay the damages caused by their brethren in order to keep their territorial grounds safe.

The people of Lyonesse would like to remain secluded, however, their extensive diamond mine and gross amounts of pearls make trading with surface dwellers easy and profitable. Many Sea Elf merchants are seen along the coastline trading their wares.


Lyonesse - Depths of the Sea

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