Kalindar - Orcish Empire

Kalindor, the Empire, is the nation of beasts. Currently governed by Half-Orc, Half-Ogres, Orcs, Ogres and Giants. This nation relies heavily on Marshal Law and practices the ancient “Eye for an Eye” ideology.

The Capitol city of Barboros is a warforged fortress. Covered in thick iron plates, it is located along the shoreline to house the large fleet of warships docked in its harbor. “The Pit” is a large crater in the center of the city surrounded by iron fencing. This acts as a large coliseum, where prisoners, slaves and wild beasts are forced to fight to the death. In the history of the pit there has been only one person to win 20 fights and gain his freedom.

Gresh, “The Untamed”; a half-orc Barbarian is currently the ruler of his home nation of Kalindor. As a former member of Destiny’s Edge, his people look to him to lead his nation to greatness.

The Empires main focus is the large military. Warships armored with steel can withstand any sea combat from any other fleet in the world. Once the legion of beasts reaches the coast only devastation will follow.


Kalindar - Orcish Empire

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