Altorri - Forest of Elves

Deep within the Forests of Altorri, the nation of elves lives and prospers. Altorri is riddled with ancient cities from the wars of old. However haunted the ruins may be, adventures come to prove their worth and dive deep into the jungles of the wild.

The Capitol city, The Grove, is hidden within a large tree. Some say this is the largest and oldest living tree in the world. The Grove is heavily guarded and unless the elves want a group to find them, most never will.

Their current “Elder” Caiaga Moonwillow, is young but wise. She is a former member of the adventuring group Destiny’s Edge and will stop at nothing to protect her people.

The Elven military is a silent tactical force that hides in the trees. Their lack of a naval force, made it so the enemy would have to come to them, to fight on ground that they knew.

The Barbaric Elven tribes of the north pay no attention to the civilized Elven nation of Altorri and do not answer to the new Elder.

Most of the world’s fruits, and vegetables come from the nation of Altorri. This makes for a good trade economy and most elven traders often pay for protection while they are transporting their goods.


Altorri - Forest of Elves

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